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                               WHAT I'M WORKING ON 


With five additional manuscripts on the shelf all begging for attention, I don't lack for work. Even though that, early on, I thought these works were close to perfection, having massaged NOT A GOOD TIME TO DIE for almost three years before releasing it has demonstrated just how wrong I was.

I hadn't consciously set out to include in all of my works a touch of the paranormal, but I do. Sometimes it is but a touch, playing a minor role. But in others it plays a solid supporting role as in, Not a Good Time to Die. In this debut novel, the element of time travel is also reinforced by the unseen supernatural force that created it.

In all of my works, the protagonist is supported by some power beyond his ability to fully understand. In one project, it's a ghost. In another, a tree poses as truth, a voice of some possible deity. I am also writing a novel where a God-like character succumbs to Spontaneous Human Combustion, if you can believe that.

But I write neither Sci-fi nor Fantasy. Whatever paranormal ideas make their way into my manuscripts are due to my belief that there actually exist forces or dimensions that we do not yet understand, as well as beliefs that we simply cannot prove. And whatever one's personal experiences relating to such interaction, they truly make life more interesting.

And there's natural humor embraced in my writing. It seems that, as a 'glass half full' type of person, when appropriate, the protagonist will react in a manner that often generates a chuckle from the reader.

Another common element of my writings are loving relationships; ones that either start out that way, or develop into it. Not that these manuscripts lack strife, deceipt, murder, infidelity, sex, etc. Of course they're there. And although there exists an intense personal bond, a happy ending isn't assured. But a satisfying one is.

As I pursue my next work I'll be focusing on promoting this site. With a bit of luck and a lot of effort to push it via the agent marketplace,  my goal of being a traditionally published author might eventually be realized.