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                                       THE CORNER OFFICE



Twenty-six-year-old Gary Fowler believes his fated death is imminent. A rising advertising executive, attaining the venerable corner office is his sole purpose in life until a gut-wrenching betrayal and inexplicable events begin blocking his advancement, spinning his focused pursuit out of control. As friendships die and vocational relationships dissolve, he’s forced to face his enigmatic demons alone. He’s strong-willed, but upon claiming irrefutable evidence of his impending demise, he seeks professional help. Gary implores his psychiatrist to save him; otherwise he believes he’s doomed to face whatever horrendous truths might be unearthed before surrendering to the only other alternative: fate.


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Genre:      Mystery


Title:         The Corner Office

Author:     Ray Spengler

                Perhaps it is his unusual focus, almost obsession, with tracking his steps up or his tumbles down the corporate ladder in his journal and on his chart.  Perhaps it is his competitiveness with his best friend, with whom he works or his longings for his best friend’s wife. Gary cannot figure out why he is not progressing faster in his goals for success. And then there are the girls he keeps meeting.  They seem interested.  He’s a young, good looking fellow who doesn’t have trouble attracting the girls, but the relationships end, often without notice, just when he thinks things are going well.  Gary just can’t figure it out and it drives him to distraction and drink.  Then there are the notes entered into his journal that have not happened yet.  They are in handwriting that looks somewhat like his but they are about future events and he knows he could not have written them.  How could he when the events have not happened.  The freaky thing though, is that they do happen, without exception, and one of them gives the exact day and time of his imminent death.  Who or what is doing this to him? 

                Ray Spengler has written another excellent novel.  His character development puts the reader into the mind of Gary and you feel everything he feels, see everything that he sees and become involved in his misery.  I did not see it coming!  Seldom do I find a novel that does not give away the ending by the time I reach the middle chapters, but not The Corner Office.  I could not guess what the ending would be until I reached the end of this novel and it was a finale I did not expect.  Grab this book and get ready for a very interesting journey.

Highly Recommended  Reviewer:  Elaine Fuhr, Allbooks Reviews


Title:              The Corner Office

Author:          Ray Spengler

ISBN:              5 800088 231229

Nov. 2012