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                               SOUTHERN COMFORT BLUES

As a political campaign volunteer, Celeste Downing finds politics to be a nasty business when a rival candidate’s spy infiltrates Clayton Gregory’s gubernatorial campaign. Flushing out that mole is hard enough, but when Clayton fears that something from his past threatens his political aspirations, he also engages Celeste in that personal intrigue.

After first one, then another person dies under suspicious circumstances, fear of further deaths drives Celeste to determine what is responsible. Risking professional relationships and personal credibility she conspires with others to unearth whatever might doom Clayton’s hopes. But learning the truth will only be worthwhile if she survives.As a political campaign volunteer, Celeste Downing

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 Genre:    Mystery 

Title:       Southern Comfort Blues

Author:   Ray Spengler 

Slip into the world of rural Georgia in this captivating story.  If you thought corruption, political espionage, bribery and senseless murders where only in the movies or big cities, you will have to think again. 

Town Mayor, Clayton Gregory is immersed in the itinerary of his campaign for Governorship.  Despite his campaign manager’s expertise the effort was floundering.  With horror he discovers that a virtual time bomb from his past is about to explode, blowing him out of his political goals but his personal life as well. 

The protagonist, Celeste Downing plays a vital role as a volunteer in the campaign.  Well known in the community for her high moral standards, she is in the midst of her own personal dilemmas; including acceptance that her dreams of a singing career have not become a reality.  She and her husband are dealing with his physical limitations and job loss. 

Gregory, a long time friend, asks her to help him out of the predicament he is in.  He has given her very little detail so she has major reservations about becoming involved, but accepts the challenge.  She is to sleuth out who is trying to sabotage his campaign and life.  Was there a mole within his campaign for governorship?  Without regard to her own personal safety, she peruses her investigation. 

Southern Comfort Blues is Spengler’s sixth novel.  He continues his writing even as both he and his wife enjoy retirement in the foothills of North Carolina. 

The author skillfully taps into the reader’s emotions as the story escalates through two murders, and the innuendo of more to come.  I would Highly Recommend this read.    

Reviewer: Cheryl Heinrichs, Allbooks Review @

Title:          Southern Comfort Blues
Author:      Ray Spengler

ISBN:         5-800094-18327

Pages:      340

For further information:    May 2013