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                                            THE SPIDER CODE

Grappling with the consequences of a misspent youth, June Dawson is unaware that she has been targeted by a vicious gang. Aided toward personal redemption by a cleric, two private investigators and a newspaper reporter, she eventually realizes that they have all become marked for death. 'No witnesses' is the gang's mantra when dealing with its victims, and a young woman merely possessing something they want is no exeption. She and her friends ultimately risk everything in confronting the "M" Gang, a fanatical web of evildoers committed to butchering them all for nothing but a simple code.




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I was elated to get another one of Ray Spengler’s books to review because—having reviewed three of his previous compelling novels—I was pretty sure I’d gotten another page-turner. And, THE SPIDER CODE definitely didn’t disappoint. His writing just keeps getting better and better with smoother transitions and a more free-flowing touch with dialogue. As is his style, the novel starts off with a bang, hopping around with multiple characters, which mesh in an incredibly satisfying way in the end. In fact, the plot and contemporary feel reminded me of CRASH, the Academy Award winning movie by Paul Haggis, the scripting and directing genius.    

Okay, involvement of $3 million bucks caught my attention immediately. Also, the protagonist, an unlikely heroine, is a product of the mean streets, always a nice touch. Anyway, following a botched robbery, a vicious gang—bent on erasing witnesses—slithers into the picture, like a cancer. (And speaking of slither: there’s a part where a snake the size of an Amtrak car is used for bait. Whoa!) A mysterious CD is in the wind. A senator is murdered. And that’s when Spengler really ratchets up the non-stop suspense in this part police procedural/part PI thriller. The multi-layered plot is peppered with intrigue, gritty gruesome murders, kidnapping, betrayal and even a hostage situation. Blend in a little humor, romance, heart-felt emotions, professional and amateur sleuthing, redemption, and . . . what? An adopted, drug-sniffing dog? Who is Sean Fitzgerald and what secret is he keeping? What part does a coded tattoo of a tarantula play? For crying out loud, the gang leader is even someone totally unexpected. All part of a terrific cast of colorful characters. The proverbial “flawed” detective is done to perfection and, as usual with Spengler’s writing, there is a rewarding climax. What else could we ask for? 

The book jacket, in addition to giving us a spot-on and economical plot synopsis, tells us THE SPIDER CODE is Ray Spengler’s fifth published work, following on the heels of ALWAYS YEARNING, NOT A GOOD TIME TO DIE, AN ARRESTED HEART, and FLAWED PERFECTION. Excellent reads, all. Retired and living with his wife in North Carolina, Mr. Spengler says he hopes his readers find this latest project as compelling to read, as it was to write. Well, this reader did. He also says he plans to keep writing as long as the muse flourishes and life’s challenges allow. I, for one, certainly hope so.

Recommended by Jan Evan Whitford, Allbooks International Reviews, 03 July 2012

Published by: Infinity Publishing ©2012

ISBN: 978-0-7414-7595-4 Trade paperback

353 pages U.S. $18.95

June 2012


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